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Issuing RDP Certificates using Vault

Learn how to issue RDP certificates using Hashicorp Vault with this fully automated, complete AWS lab.

11 min read
Architecture ⬩ Cloud ⬩ Hashicorp

My top tips for effective, maintainable and safe Terraform 0.12 projects

Starting with Terraform is easy, using it safely and effectively is hard. From working in the trenches, these are my tips to make life easier and avoid disaster. OK a little dramatic, but you get the point. 😂

8 min read
Docker ⬩ Architecture ⬩ Python

Hardening Traefik when using the Docker Provider

traefik-prism is a simple Python script that takes a valid Traefik Dynamic Config and publishes it to an Internet facing container, which isn't attached to Docker, reducing the attack surface compared to attaching the Docker Socket directly to your internet facing Traefik container.

2 min read
Django ⬩ Cookiecutter ⬩ Python

Drag-and-drop AJAX Lists with Django

Drag-and-drop AJAX Lists with Django, easy right?

9 min read
Architecture ⬩ Cloud

5 reasons why you should choose Google Cloud Platform

Let's address the elephant in the room - Google Cloud Platform is well and truly the underdog, with a comparative tiny share in comparison on AWS and Azure. However, dig a little deeper and there is some compelling reasons why GCP might be a wise decision.

3 min read
Architecture ⬩ Cloud

Day 2 after going live. Monitoring? Backups? Maintainability? Crazy talk!?!

Monitoring? Backups? Maintainability? Crazy talk!?! Only thinking of these things after you have gone live? You've probably already shot yourself in the proverbial foot.

5 min read
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Awesome HTTP Load Balancing on Docker with Traefik

Traefik is the up-and-coming 'Edge Router / Proxy' for all things cloud. Full disclosure, I like it. Learn how to deploy Traefik on Docker Swarm.

13 min read