Why you need Single Node Swarm for Development

Docker Swarm has matured enough that it's adoption is starting to pickup. Docker Captains are working with real clients rolling it out everyday. That's fine for clustered workloads, but what about locally? Should you be using Swarm Mode even for local development?

6 min read

Creating a LAMP AMI using Packer and Salt

Creating a LAMP AMI using Hashicorp Packer....

9 min read
Python ⬩ Cookiecutter

Using django-allauth for Google Login to any Django App

A recent app I have been working on, I wanted to allow login via Google, but wanted to ensure that only pre-approved users could login using social login . This tutorial will cover extending django-allauth to allow pre-approved social logins only.

6 min read
Architecture ⬩ Cloud

SecOps: Integrating security from the start

Roll up, new *Ops term of the year - SecOps. Cynicism aside this is something that is both a passion of mine and a concept I believe will become increasingly more important....

8 min read
Cookiecutter ⬩ Python ⬩ Architecture

Coming Soon - Django Cookiecutter eBook

Coming soon...

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Architecture ⬩ Cloud

Reccomended Read - The Pheonix Project

The Phoenix Project. A novel about DevOps and business change.

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Architecture ⬩ Cloud ⬩ Hashicorp

Deploying HA WordPress on AWS using Terraform and Salt

Love it or hate it WordPress is still around to stay. This article will get you up and running with a High Availability (HA) deployment of WordPress.

10 min read